Millions of visitors travel daily to and from Europe, for business purposes or leisure. Today the European Union consists of 27 member states and is still growing.

The EU embodies various nationalities, 21 official languages and different traditions and cultures: together a rich variety of people and experiences shaping Europe. Thousands years of history, rich cultural and architectural heritage and great landscapes make it a place to be discovered.

Six European states (UK, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain) even made it to the top 10 list of most popular tourist destinations. Lots of festivals, special events around music, film, sports, painting etc. take place every year.

Europe, a once-divided continent is now growing to a stable and democratic union. It became the home base to a lot of international companies, governmental bodies and institutions.

The European Union, who’s Headquarters are located in Brussels, plays a major role in shaping the market. Today 25 European countries allow free circulation of people and goods within their boarders. Next to being convenient, this single market of nearly half a billion consumers has created a great potential for economic growth and increasing prosperity. The introduction of the euro currency has made this even stronger: it enables to compare prices and ensure fair competition across the union.